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On DVD#1

Secrets of The Wright Hand Video #1

50 minute Video/42 pages tablature

Joe shows you 32 basic moves designed to drastically improve your playing. See exciting close-ups of Joe's fingers picking the strings. Joe shows you how to train your hands to play like you. Stop the frustration and hair pulling. Joe shows you what your right hand needs to know. You can either learn these moves Joe's way or over the years through trial and error. Years of study have gone into these basic moves. You can also apply this to a lap steel, dobro, or pedal steel guitar. Your right hand does the same thing on all slide instruments. This is for any level of player. Also, great for teachers of students at any level. Every player should know these....

On DVD#1

Left Hand Basics Video #2

Video 50 minutes/Any tuning

After you've worked on picking the strings the next logical step is to train your left hand to work the bar. Joe takes you through drill after drill designed to eliminate the hours of frustration of learning by tab. Joe's basic video's prepare your hands to play tab and beyond. Any level of player can benefit from Joe's basics. All the licks you want to play are at the end of these moves. How you learn them is up to you.

On DVD#2

Right & Left Hand Basics Video #3 on DVD #2

Video 50 minutes/8 pages tablature Any tuning

Next logical step is to put the left & right hand moves together. Working on them separately lets your hands learn without all the confusion of trying to play tabbed licks. Your hands are not ready for playing tab until you train them. Save your self hours of frustration and agony. Let Joe and great close-ups guide you along the path to being your own player.

On DVD#2

Blocking Techniques Video #4 on DVD#2

Video 50 minutes/Any tuning

These great close-ups allow you to see how to learn all the ways to block that are popular today. It shows you how to develop pick blocking techniques. It also shows palm blocking and even goes into left hand blocking. More ways than you'll ever need to know are on this video. You see exactly what you need to do to develop the necessary techniques. Joe knows blocking.

On DVD#2

Ankle & Knee Techniques Video #5 on DVD#2

Video 47 minutes/E9th

Close-ups of Joe showing the basic ankle moves. He also shows you how to learn to feel your pedal steel guitar. This can be used for E9th or E9B6 tunings. The basic pedal (ankle) positions can be shown with any two adjacent pedals. You need to make the moves that Joe shows you in this video. He slows them down and allows you to really see what takes place. You need to train your body to be ready to play a pedal steel guitar. Joe's way really works.

On DVD #3

Mixing Movements Video #6 on DVD#3

Video 50 Minutes/E9th

This is a continuation of Joe's theories for teaching pedal steel. He shows you how to mix right, left & pedal/lever techniques to make up your own licks. Plenty of examples of how to think steel. This one works best if you've followed the entire video series. Joe shows you like no other where and how to find licks galore. Tired of reading tabbed songs? Then get this one and find out how to move on.



Rock & Roll Steel I Video #7

50 minute Video

Joe's shows his approach to Rock & Roll on the E9th or E9/B6th tunings. Joe breaks down the licks he plays for you and goes into detail on how to execute them. Lots of licks and how to play them on this video. Insight on how Joe approaches playing the pedal steel guitar.

On DVD#4

Rock & Roll Steel II Video #8

50 minute Video

Joe continues his approach to Rock & Roll on the E9th or E9/B6th tunings. Lots of how to jam on this video. Licks galore and they are broken down for you. Not fast licks tabbed out but the inner workings of playing the licks. Instruction like no other.

On DVD#5

E9/B6th I Video #9

50 minute Video

Joe's shows his approach to the E9/B6th tuning. Begins by discussing various aspects of how Joe approaches the tuning. Learn to play one big guitar rather than two separate tunings.

On DVD#5

E9/B6th II Video #10

50 minute Video

This video gets even deeper into Joe's approach. Lots of licks and valuable information on Joe's unique approach to this tuning. Get yours today.

Video #17
On DVD#5

E9/B6th III Video #17 (The 6th Side)

50 minute video

This goes into the 6th side of the tuning. Comparing it to a C6th and learning what those other pedals do down at the far end!!


On DVD#6

The Absolute Beginner #11 on DVD#6

30 minute Video

Joe's shows his approach to starting out on the E9th pedal steel guitar. Featuring the Sierra Artist this video is for the player who's a novice. Setting up the steel, using picks, using the bar, and a few simple licks are shown to help you on your way. Three floor pedals and two knee levers are used in this great new video.

On DVD#6

Beginner II Video #12 on DVD#6

30 minute Video

This video continues the Absolute Beginner left off. It shows you all the major chord positions and studies strings 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 & 10, the major triad strings. It shows you how to utilize the pedals and knee levers to get three different major chords at each fret. Joe also tells you how his other videos can help you become the player you want to be faster. A unique approach to learning helps you get there with less hassle. Once again the Sierra Artist is featured in this video.

On DVD#6

Beginner III Video #13 on DVD#6

30 minute Video

Where Beginner II leaves off this one picks right up and shows you the other strings. Strings 1, 2, 7, & 9 are utilized in this great video. The beginner will start to put together what's going on in a more expedient manner than with any other teaching method. Plenty of information to help the player improve in a concise and systematic manner. Joe's system of teaching helps the beginner to understand this beautiful instrument.

No Picture
On DVD#7


E9th Advanced #1 Video #14 on DVD#7

30 minute Video

This video goes into the modern pedals that are prevalent on the recordings of today. Great examples of how they can be applied and utilized in your playing. Knee levers that raise your 6th up a step and a half, one that raises 1 & 7 a whole, the new C pedal that also raises string 8 a whole tone, and a floor pedal that lowers 5 & 6 a whole step (the infamous pedal 4). If your confused about these new fancy pedals and knee levers, then this video is for you. Taught in Joe's systematic approach, you can be using these new sounds in your playing with the help of this fabulous new video

No Picture
On DVD#7

Dominant 7th Licks Video #15 on DVD#7

30 minute Video with tablature

This video teaches 12 different dominant 7th licks. It gives you a lick for each key. C7 to F, C#7 to F3, etc. Each lick is played to a different feel. Some are single stringed licks, some are double stops, some are chord fills and pads. The feels vary from country, Rock, Jazz, Waltz, Pop, etc. Each lick is different and you can see close-ups of Joe's fingers playing these hot licks. Each lick is tabbed out for you and you are given the band tracks on the video without any steel so you can use them to practice these two bar phrases to help you become a better pedal steel guitarist. This is for the advanced player who wants to broaden his horizons on his guitar. A standard set-up is used so this is easily adaptable to any E9th pedal set-up.

No Picture

Pick Blocking Video #16 on DVD#7

30 minute Video

Joe uses a Classical approach to help you give your fingers the individuality it takes to play the modern Pedal Steel Guitar. It shows you how to move to new positions and maintain control of your strings. Fixed positions are studied in depth. Drills are also prescribed.